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Prof. Goethals has written a book about "20 Trends in Digital Innovations". This book has evolved over the years. The most recent version was published in December 2014.


About the book:


Are you able to follow up on the latest digital innovations in different industries? You most probably know that Google developed a self-driving car, but did you know Google now has an impressive robot development division as well? Did you hear about Microsoft Skinput, Brain-Computer-Interfaces, Dynamic Shape Displays and the British Airways Happiness Blanket? Even relatively ‘boring’ products such as carpets are being reinvented today.

All innovations will have an impact on your company and on you personally. Almost daily we are overwhelmed with news about new, impressive hardware and software that hits the market or that is going to be built. For many people, it is hard to follow up on these innovations and it seems impossible to see structure in all those innovations. Hence, many people feel ‘lost’; there just seems to be too much out there.

The goal of this book is not only to present many impressive innovations, but also to bring structure: this book distinguishes 20 trends in the Information Systems domain and shows that many (if not all) innovations fit one or more of these trends. Applications are presented from many countries and many industries, ranging from clothing and shoes to banking and airlines.

The goal of this book is not to discuss specific innovations in depth. This book is intended to be broad, rather than deep. Still, the book contains links to more than 100 must-see videos, which will give the reader a better understanding of each innovation. The chapters in this book can be read in whatever sequence you wish; there is no specific order to respect.

Below you will find presentations prepared by IESEG students and USB-MBA students in frame of the class "Latest trends in IT Use". The presentations have NOT been corrected by Prof. Goethals. The presentations are thus made accessible the way they were submitted by the students; except that embedded movies have been deleted. Prof. Goethals gives no guarantee on the correctness of the information.